MILAN – September 2, 2016. We are pleased to announce that the new Caldera21® Data Center is now on. It is a service structure of excellence that differentiates us from the other realities of the sector: we are the first Data Center of the Caldera Park in Milan compliant with the TIER IV standard. This means that we are able to guarantee continuity of service even in the case of maintenance, breakdown and prolonged absence of energy.

The Data Center is located in a strategic, safe and innovative position: the importance of the via Caldera technological hub is known to all telecommunications operators. Caldera21 means safety and comfort in 1700 square meters for high performance, 400 racks and 16,000 servers: a modern architecture and a design with attention to detail welcome an advanced technological equipment. This is an optimal location for the functioning of servers for the provision of complex services, corresponding to the needs of information technology giants but also to those of companies that are not satisfied with standard or low quality packages.

We have reached the goal of expanding and integrating our offer to be even more competitive: Caldera21 is not just the evolution of a company that wants to grow, but a new starting point that improves and integrates all the services we have supplied until today. On the website and on the Twitter and Linkedin social networks, you can follow us through photos, videos and texts. What until a few months ago was just an idea to develop around a building site, has now taken shape. The Data Center that was not there is now.