The multi-carrier geographic network

Our quality connectivity solutions ensures you a full and easy use of the potential of the network, ranging from SMEs to large companies with higher demands.
XDSL technologies allow the transmission of broadband data limiting the use of copper to the last meters of the final stretch, being able to benefit from a broadband connection (> 20 Mbit / s guaranteed) even where Fiber Optic has not yet arrived.
In addition to ensuring high maximum capacity values (PCR), the quality of our lines is ensured by a high minimum guaranteed band ratio (MCR), synonymous with a high profile professional connection.


Particularly strategic for all companies to pass through the network today very widespread technological solutions such as VoIP, VPN and Cloud.


Recommended in case of use of services and equipment installed at its premises such as VPN (Virtual Private Network), data transfer / exchange, video surveillance systems, audio and video conferencing, large file uploads, web and mail server.


Speed and bandwidth dedicated for the exchange of large amounts of information in total security.


Perfect for exchanging large amounts of information and for ultra-fast surfing. Whether the fiber reaches your offices (FTTH) or the closet closest to your company (FTTC), the result is a high-speed fiber optic connectivity with high performance.

Choose the best solution for your network

Strategic Location for Wide Area Network

With more than 200 connected ISPs, Caldera Park is an exclusive place for ICT companies from all over the world who wish to manage with excellence customers strategic activities in Italy. Caldera21®, the first Italian certified carrier neutral DC, is the ideal partner for the competence and quality of its proprietary infrastructure, which guarantees a premium network management service, high-performance cloud connectivity and data center.