100% Italian hosting service. Fast and reliable.
Super competitive cost.

High-performance VPS Hosting solutions and cost-effective start-ups and SMEs that make managing your business easy and secure. In Milan, in Caldera Park that hosts the heart of the Italian network. We provide high-end networks with DDoS protection and host virtual servers with configured hardware nodes for high bandwidth availability and automatic load balancing.

Support 24/7/365

The VPS Hosting Caldera21® comes with phone support including 24/7/365. Our staff is committed with every means to always ensure the highest level of assistance.

Best value for money

We offer a super competitive cost with better performance and lower costs than those of the market. Check yourself!

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Strategic Location for Hosting VPS Solutions

With more than 200 connected ISPs, Caldera Park is an exclusive place for ICT companies from all over the world who wish to manage with excellence customers strategic activities in Italy. Caldera21®, the first Italian certified carrier neutral DC, is the ideal partner for the competence and quality of its proprietary infrastructure, which guarantees a premium network management service, high-performance cloud connectivity and data center.