Your virtual data center on-demand.
Simple and Scalable.

The platforms we use are based on VMware and allow us to obtain a high level of abstraction of hardware resources and to create virtual servers with independent processes. We put virtual resources at your disposal to support professional applications that are vital for the operation of your business.

disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Accidents of a natural disaster are more common than you think due to the growing number of viruses, security breaches, software and hardware criticalities, loss of data entered into company systems. Be prepared to cope with these cases.

backup remoto

Remote Backup

Protect the information on your server. Thanks to our backup service you can make data automatic copies on our central server, choosing the desired frequency of rescues, even after 10 minutes.

server virtuali

Virtual Servers

For the virtualization of your hardware and software resources we use multi-socket servers equipped with powerful processors that allow us to achieve a high level of abstraction.



Manage your unlimited data. The space you need when you need it, wherever you want thanks to our fast and reliable service. Essential for the management of secure remote backup, the development, integration and sharing of data between applications, for the publication of audio / video content on the web, social networking and sharing applications.

Virtualize your systems in Caldera21

Strategic Location for Cloud IaaS

With more than 200 connected ISPs, Caldera Park is an exclusive place for ICT companies from all over the world who wish to manage with excellence customers strategic activities in Italy. Caldera21®, the first Italian certified carrier neutral DC, is the ideal partner for the competence and quality of its proprietary infrastructure, which guarantees a premium network management service, high-performance cloud connectivity and data center.