Work continues on the construction site in via Caldera 21, Milan, to offer our international clients excellent services interms of data center and colocation. This ambitious project confirms the vocation of CDLAN innovation. As explained by Corrado Del Po, CEO and founder of the company: “we had a dream and we decided to expand and integrate our offering. For this we are building what is currently the first and only TIER 4 Data centers of internet via Caldera in Milan“.

But what is Tier4? It’s an architecture capable of managing any failures by leveraging multiple, independent systems, physically separate, compart mentalized, both for power, cooling, power distribution and communication. This type of data centers is not subject to service interruptions for maintenance or failure of individual components and can operate autonomously even in conditions of prolonged absence of energy.

Besides being the utmost safety, CALDERA21 has many similarities with the most futuristic Hotels: comfortable, with advanced technology, modern architecture and design with attention to detail. It is the optimal environment for the operation of serversused for providing of complex services, which correspond to the needs of the information technology giants.
The Interior will host rack, Islands and the networkoperations center.

CALDERA21 is not simply the evolution of a company, but a new starting point optimizing qualitatively all the services we have provided to date.
On the site and on social networking sites Twitter and Linkedin, you can follow the work in progress of work through photos, videos and text. What was previously only ayard, it takes more and more body.

The data center that wasn’t there, soon there will be.