Yes, today we blow out 20 candles. And we’re really proud of it.

Not so much for the results achieved, or because in these 20 years CDLAN has never stopped growing and consolidating its institution. If we are proud it’s because in these 20 years we have never stopped dreaming.



In fact those who, in these 20 years, have had the opportunity to know CDLAN know it well. They know that CDLAN is made up of people, volcanic personalities, passions, desires and dreams that turn into ambitious projects. Ok, not all of them. Some remain suspended in a conversation in front of a coffee cup in the break area; others get lost among the many bullet points of a meeting focused on new strategies. You know, there’s never enough time to do everything you wish.

But some of those dreams, the most relevant ones, we carry on with strength and determination.

Such as that of “creating new ways of doing to improve people’s lives“. Much more than a simple corporate vision; a real creed, a mantra.

A belief centered on people and that, for people, allows us to do better and better. Always looking for new ways to innovate. Exploring new roads, discovering new landscapes.

And the credit is yours. It’s thanks to all of you, to the whole CDLAN ecosystem, that we work to offer you excellence every day and it’s thanks to you that we do it with the same enthusiasm and passion as the first day. It’s thanks to you and because of it, after 20 years, we want to THANK YOU.

THANKS because without you, today, we couldn’t have closed our eyes in front of that cake with 20 candles and wished never to stop dreaming.


THANK YOU so much. To each of you, by each of us.